An invitation to participate in the World University Shooting Sport Championship in Bydgoszcz

Mayor of Bydgoszcz - Rafal Bruski imageIt is with great pleasure that we received the news of our city having been selected the host of the World University Shooting Sport Championship.

Sporting events organized in Bydgoszcz, and there are many in our city’s busy calendar each year, always carry the promise of great fun and excitement. Nonetheless, they also pose a great challenge, as we strive to provide visitors and participants with the highest organizational standards. Things will not be any different this September, but the combined forces of Kazimierz Wielki University’s Sports Association and the Zawisza Sports Club of Bydgoszcz will no doubt ensure the highest level of organization.

What will be awaiting you here in Bydgoszcz – excellent young shooters – are enthusiastic fans, traditional Polish hospitality, and interesting national cuisine – but above all else, here you will experience the unique atmosphere of the city, where masters of sport feel truly welcome. All this will no doubt help you achieve the desired results in your competitions.

May Bydgoszcz be a city where your dreams are fulfilled.

You are hereby warmly invited to come here – we hope to see you in September!

PDF file: invitaton.pdf